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About the Owners…

Hello! Meet Tammy Beckham and me; two of the luckiest girls in the world, because we are the most fortunate new owners of Post Road Recreation Center!

We also happen to be two of the BIGGEST KIDS you’ll ever meet!

We believe that all of us, no matter our age, really are just ‘big kids’ deep down…and having fun keeps us ‘young at heart’. Together with our awesome staff, we strive to make each day as fun as possible not only for our customers, but for our employees as well, whom we greatly appreciate for their dedication and loyalty to the cause.

After all, it’s our ‘job’ to have fun and make darn sure everyone else does, too!

Tammy and I have been great friends for about eleven years now, and have always shared an interest in conquering large goals for large rewards.


Tammy is a successful and award-winning entrepreneur in the commercial painting industry, owning and operating her own company for the past thirteen years.

She’s completed dozens of large commercial painting contracts, such as Home Depots, Krogers, Menards, Walmarts, Kohl’s Department stores and the like.

She continues to be the ‘painter of choice’ for many prestigious management companies and homeowners in the Indianapolis area, and also owns a few income properties, as well. (But truth be told, she has ALOT more fun with the Go Karts…)


The majority of my adult life was spent as a professional traveling musician. I also owned my own sound and lighting company, and also have a few rental properties around the eastside.

For close to thirty years, I had a blast playing lead guitar and traveling with people who have since turned out to be life-long great friends.

Over the years, I shared the stage with bands like Kansas, Peter Frampton, Loverboy, Three Dog Night, Blue Oyster Cult, Joan Jett, Headeast, Black Oak Arkansas, and I was even flown to Las Vegas five times to entertain at rock bars.

I’ve always had fun, but let me tell you that owning a place like PRRC has always been a dream of mine, and now it’s come true!


When Tammy and I first met, we became fast friends and shared a particular interest in rennovating old boarded up houses, of all things.

Together, we turned a few distressed properties into beautiful homes again, much to the appreciation and amazement of neighboring homeowners.

We learned mostly by ‘trial and error’ how everything worked, but each successful phase of the process was like a mini victory that helped build confidence and learn to be brave enough to face the unknown, no matter how scary it may appear.

Now, as owners of PRRC, every single day brings a new list of challenges which we welcome with enthusiasm. Because now, the end result brings joy not only to us, but to countless others!

We fully intend to continue adding attractions and improving the facility to it’s fullest potential, to make PRRC the greatest family fun place in central Indiana.

So if you haven’t visited us yet, WHAT ARE YA WAITING FOR????